The magic of crochet

The magic of crochet

And with the end of July the children's crochet workshops are over, now it's time to recharge batteries in August and we'll see each other again in September.

I'm going to miss them a lot, although a break will be good for everyone.

Whenever crochet classes for children are much more than extracurricular, and it's not because I'm the teacher, it's that my kids always arrive before the time, I have to get them out of the chair at the time of leaving, and if tehy can't come to a class, they ask me 'super please' to come and retrieve it another day.

They don't want to miss a class, a minute of class, they are lovely!

Today I will explain, without extending too much, the benefits that children crochets

- It helps them to have patience, since ending their work, after doing and undoing, is rewarded.

- Activate their creativity, because from the first moment they choose, from the wool color, the project, and even modify it to their liking, with which at the end it will always be unique.

- It gave them satisfaction, all their dedication and commitment has a tangible result and that consequence of the achievements is the conclusion reflected in their finished project, which they then show or give away the recognition of a job well done.

- Develop motor activities, especially fine motor skills.

- Use mathematics, yes, without stopping, without noticing and having fun, because they are counting the stitches and checking that everything fits ok to assemble the pieces or that they take the form they want.

- They improve the concentration, they have been pending of handling the thread and the hook, where they knit, what stitch they must do and to be following the pattern.

- Read ... yes! they read the patterns, the indications and take notes voluntarily.

- They take values ​​that in other activities they don't find, there is a social component, they help each other and they share their achievements and progress with the new students.


So much is that all of them has wanted homework for August, and they return in September, so we have extended the classes.


If your little one is minimum 7 years old, come to inform or contact me.

We have 4 seats available!

Kisses !!


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